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Loosing Weight... Ninja Style!!

Yay... good day!

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Loosing Weight... Ninja Style!!

Yay... good day!

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Yesterday was a very good day indeed! It started out with a Subway Veggie Sub with the only bad thing on there being cheese. Then my friend and I went to Discovery Park and wanlked around and took pictures for about 3 hours. We figured we probably walked a little over 5 miles. It is really hard to guesstimate since we did not follow the loop trail and the signage was really REALLY off. Anywho... we went for Greek food afterwards.... which is always good. Then we came home sat around then munched on homemade salsa, guac, with homemade pita chips. Nummy Nummy.... and VERY healthy too. That was then followed up with sugared strawberries and coolwhip.

So yesterday was a very good day. I wish all days could be as good at this one. Oh well, slowly... more and more... they will become like this. :)

I also found out last night that my sister has copies of the Martial Arts Kata's I wanted to re-learn. I need to get my ass motivated and start working on them. I really want to be my old butt kicking self. I do think that is why I am in such good shape. I was in martial arts from 2nd grade till my sophmore year in highschool. I think it gave me a good core... that is why I heal so well and why I think I am not as out of shape as I think I am. :)

That is enough blibber blabber... tootle-ooo!!
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